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Abruzzo Mountains Wild A.s.d. (AMW), is an amateur sports association recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).Its mission is to promote trekking in all its manifestations, as a means to get closer, to know, to respect and to protect nature and the environment even in its cultural and therapeutic aspects. The Association pursues the goal of maintaining peaceful relationships with different ethnic groups, respecting their culture and traditions and learning more about them, spreading forms of tourism that are more responsible, sustainable and ethical and that respect the local people and the immediate environment. The education for the respect of the environment is also aimed at being more critical and more conscious of our consumer choices, including the cultivation of an agriculture that respects the cycles of nature and biodiversity.

Abruzzo Hiking is the branch of A.M.W. dedicated to foreigners aiming at introducing nature-loving people from other countries to the wild beauty of the Apennines whose highest peak is in Abruzzo, the region with more National Parks than any other in Europe.


A two-hour drive from the bustling Rome takes you to the huge formations of limestone mountains that cover two thirds of the Abruzzo region  reaching a height of nearly 3.000 meters and making the region the richest in national parks in Europe.

Abruzzo conceals a real and unexpected wilderness in the middle of Italy: the central part of the Apennines with its huge cliffs, caves, deep canyons, some of Europe’s oldest beech forests, a variety of grasslands inhabited by Marsican brown bears, wolves, wildcats, chamois, red deer, wild boars, golden eagles, vultures and falcons.

When summer pops out and the snow has melted the green woods and endless flowering meadows make the Abruzzo mountains irresistible!

The architecture of the region is shaped by its history, starting from pre-Roman times, showing the remains of Roman occupation, as well as of the flourishing wool trade in the Middle Ages in the ancient hilltop villages, offering the unique experience of a blend of beautiful Mediterranean nature and an original sheep rearing culture. Its culinary traditions, as well as the rich variety of folklore is unusually well preserved and contribute to the typical lifestyle of the mountain people showing their proud, hard working but also extremely hospitable character.

What we do

We organize hiking tours for tour operators, groups or individuals in the National Parks that can be combined with canoeing, horse riding or mountain biking. Visits to places of cultural interest, to a spa, to local production (wine, olive oil, pasta, cheese, saffron) along with cooking workshops can also be included according to request. Hiking in Abruzzo is best from May to early July and in September – October. The tours can be arranged with flexibility concerning the choice of national park, time period, number of days (often 8 – 12 days), difficulty level and type of accommodations.

The staff

Vanessa Ponziani: vanessa2president of “A.M.W.”, a qualified and experienced, English speaking mountain guide with a degree in Biology and a deep knowledge of the different aspects of nature.


Abruzzo Hiking



Bears, deer, beech forest in the wild heart of Italy

A unique experience in an Italian wilderness with high mountains and deep valleys, wildlife and fresh air in the Abruzzo National Park, the oldest national park in Italy (established in 1922). 8 days of hiking in late September can also offer the experience of a bear or deer safari giving a taste of a timeless environment. Fixed bases in two charming mountainvillages in Pescasseroli (4 nights) and in Fontecchio (3 nights).

 Day 1: Arrival in Abruzzo National Park crossing Italy from Rome over the Apennines

 Day 2: Hiking to Bear Pass crossing the beautiful Fondillo Valley

 Day 3: Walking Tour to Lago Vivo and Mount Serrone.

 Day 4: Defensa Forest crossing & Bear photo-safari from high ridge points, returning in the dark under a starry sky with the help of torches.

 Day 5:  Day of recreation or own excursion (hiking or visiting places of interest).

 Day 6: The remote grasslands above Fontecchio – a distant world, surrounded by forested slopes.

 Day 7: Up to the long ridge from Mount Ocre continuing in the direction of Mount Cagno to the picturesque village of Rocca di Mezzo.

 Day 8: Returning from Fontecchio through the Apennine Mountains to the airport in Rome.

From Majella's deep canyons to Gran Sasso's high peaks

In the Majella (75,000 HA) and Gran Sasso (150,000 HA) national park in the Abruzzo region you can still get the feeling of a pioneer in search of lost places and landscapes. Hiking trails are hidden behind lush vegetation of ferns, beech and pine trees or winds its way along the steep mountain edges and the atmosphere of the wilderness do the hikes unique.

Gran Sasso is quite rightly called “Little Tibet” and its highest mountain, Corno Grande (Big Horn, 2914 meters) is the highest peak of the Apennines.

Majella is the only national park in Italy, which is recognized as wilderness of the highest quality by The European Wilderness Protection Organization.

You can discover areas, where time seems to have stopped, shepherds are looking after their flocks, and castles and monasteries still stand symbolically and enthroned at the cutting edges.

In Majella you can visit ancient and extremely remote refuges for hermit-monks, painstakingly carved into the rocks around a millennium ago.

The Apennines’ highest peaks  in the Gran Sasso massif offer breathtaking views of mountains up to 3.000 m altitude and by turning around the Adriatic Sea behind the numerous green hills full of olive trees and vineyards.

 History can be felt at the highest Rocca (​​fortress) in the Apennines – Rocca Calascio.

The incredible 30 km long plateau Campo Imperatore with its green meadows, surrounded by high mountain ranges and populated by herds of wild horses also gives the opportunity of a rest when you can personally grill the famous local ”arrosticini”!

Guests are accommodated in or near mountain villages in the heart of the National Parks – among them the famous medieval village of Santo Stefano -, living in  rural places of high quality that also offer exciting culinary experiences, and are worth an expedition themselves.

These two national parks can also be experienced separately in different tours.

Day 1: Arrival in Majella National Park in Abruzzo crossing Italy from Rome over the Apennines

 Day 2: Round hiking in Orfento Valley starting from hotel

 Day 3: Hiking on the original Briganti (robber) Blockhaus mountain route at ca. 2000 m asl.

 Day 4: Spiritual hiking at S. Bartolomeo (sacred sanctuary) and Santo Spirito (monastery)

 Day 5: Day of recreation or own excursion (hiking or visiting places of interest)

 Day 6: Medieval hiking from the village Santo Stefano di Sessanio (1200 meters) up to the Rocca Calascio Fortress (1500 meters)

 Day 7: A hike from the high plains of Campo Imperatore to the surrounding mountains.

 Day 8: Departure to airport in Rome